Fabric Talk

Fabric Talk Main Image Silk ScarvesA scarf, is a scarf, is a scarf. Except when it’s not.
Sometimes, a scarf is a thing of beauty, crafted from start to finish to be just that: a gorgeous-looking headcover. Other times, well, you’d be surprised
Not every scarf was designed to be a scarf. Sometimes even highly marketed scarves are mass produced from fabric rolls made for garments. Which is great for profits, but not so great for your look. Because when corners are cut - in every sense - it shows.
At arzu, scarves are our obsession. It’s all we think of, all we do. Our scarves are first pre-cut before being coloured or printed one-by-one. We often hand-dye and then hand-finish the hems. The result is a piece of total craftsmanship, no matter how close you look. That’s because we take the art of flawless scarf making very seriously
It’s our business to make our customers look beautiful. We know that a scarf is one of the first things people notice about you. It frames the face, and like the right shade of lipstick, brings out your best. When it sits and styles well; when the fabric breathes, you come across as put-together and polished. Your choice in a headscarf says everything about your personality.
So, isn’t it time to get serious about throwing away money on scarves that barely make it through the first spin cycle?

Here’s how to tell the difference between an overpriced imitation and real quality:

Take a look at the colour. Is it vibrant, or faded and dull? A low-end fabric won’t hold dye well and cheap printing is one-sided or blotchy, with imperfections. Zoom in on the details. If the pattern doesn’t look like it was set to fit the scarf, steer clear. That’s a sign of poor craftsmanship. Look at the edges. Mass-produced machine trimming is a zigzag stitch, and after a few washes, the threads unravel. When you run your hand along the fabric, the texture of a synthetic feels slippery, but not soft. Which brings us to performance. Not only will most synthetic scarves roll, slip and crease; they don’t sit or style well. And because the fabric doesn’t breathe, you feel hot and clammy.
When you know what to look for, the signs are all there. And it matters. Here’s why our luxury and high-performance fabrics are in a class of their own.




arzu silk scarves are richly coloured, incredibly soft and breathable. Light, they're also strong enough to hold you style. Our SERIOUSLY SATIN SILK is high-gloss and deeply pigmented. Ultra-soft and with a gorgeous drape, it's perfect for creating feminine looks with the longer scarf. TWILL SILK is completely opaque with a muted shimmer. Slightly thicker, its grip is firm, which makes twill ideal for creating a structured awning with a square scarf. CREPE SILK is feather-light and extra-breathable, but like twill it stays in place. Wrap it multiple times for an easy-to-wear layered look. Or choose CRUMPLED CHIFFON SILK for textured, airy effect, with intentional crinkles. And when you want the feel of cashmere, look to our very fine ITALIAN SILK




Mainly found in our inners, arzu’s top-end LUXE COTTON is springy with ‘can’t stop, won’t stop’ touchability. Unlike imitation ‘modals’ or synthetic jerseys, our cotton wicks moisture from the skin, so you stay cool and fresh. We’ve added 5% elastane - the perfect blend - for stretch, shape retention and wrinkle resistance. You can rely on our LUXE COTTON to stay exactly where you want it, all day long.




While our roots are in natural, the future is technical. We’ve introduced our signature Ironfree™️ scarves to meet your demand for completely wrinkle-free, easy-to-manage fabrics inspired by performance gear. Ironfree™️ keeps up with your lifestyle. It’s super-stretchable, cotton-soft and cool to the touch. The ideal companion for on-the-go, pop an arzu Ironfree™️ scarf in your bag for instant coverage when you need it.