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text -- arzu knot green text -- arzu knot green

every knot has a silver lining square TWILL SILK Large


arzu knot green arzu knot sophisticated black arzu knot navy blue arzu knot ice arzu knot etoupe arzu knot grey arzu knot magenta arzu knot sunset arzu knot lilac
text -- diamond garnet text -- diamond garnet

diamond lattices are forever scarf SERIOUSLY SATIN SILK


diamond garnet diamond emerald diamond nude brown diamond silent sage diamond smoke diamond midnight blue diamond sophisticated black diamond charcoal diamond mellow green diamond soft yellow diamond lavender diamond deep blue diamond grey diamond white
text -- charms olive text -- charms olive

arzu charms square TWILL SILK Large


charms olive charms admiral blue charms sophisticated black charms red charms white charms lavender charms mauve charms cream
text -- siren etoupe text -- siren etoupe

siren square TWILL SILK


siren etoupe siren ice blue siren green slate siren pearl siren smoke siren vanilla siren bone siren ginger siren midnight blue siren garnet siren sacramento siren stone blue siren white siren sophisticated black
text -- magical sophisticated black text -- magical sophisticated black

magical magpin™ scarf CREPEDECHINE Limited Edition


magical sophisticated black magical candy magical crimson magical etoupe magical mocha magical white magical moss green magical multicolor white magical twinkle magical playful
text -- knot posh plum text -- knot posh plum

knot your ordinary square CREPEDECHINE Large


knot posh plum knot smoke knot mellow mauve knot dark etoupe knot platinum knot sophisticated black knot emerald knot midnight blue
text -- floating nude brown text -- floating nude brown

floating arzu logo scarf GEORGETTE


floating nude brown floating navy floating purple floating forest floating sophisticated black floating ivory floating crimson floating mocha
text -- lilac text -- lilac

'Beadyful' scarf GEORGETTE


lilac baby doll yellow fresh blue is sold out fresh blue sea foam blue is sold out sea foam blue belladonna pink is sold out belladonna pink au natural is sold out au natural french rose is sold out french rose hunter green is sold out hunter green sophisticated black azure blue is sold out azure blue brass gold is sold out brass gold rouge pink is sold out rouge pink
text -- coral silk text -- coral silk

stretch-it scarf GEORGETTE toothstitch hem

RM69.00 Regular price RM175.00

coral silk caramel flamingo dandelion blue copper admiral blue taupe is sold out taupe dark taupe au natural jet set blue is sold out jet set blue sumptuous chocolate forest grey lavender sweet yellow blissful blue lush coral bold magenta rich turquoise sophisticated black sea foam blue sparkling aqua delightful petal smoke baby doll white is sold out baby doll white fresh blue is sold out fresh blue delicate pink is sold out delicate pink simple taupe is sold out simple taupe rosewood pink is sold out rosewood pink beautiful beige is sold out beautiful beige
text -- baby doll white text -- baby doll white

stretch-it GEORGETTE scarf Italian stitch hem

On sale from RM69.00

baby doll white off white grapefruit corn flower cactus emerald azure blue sophisticated black green moss regal gold elegant green teal yale blue is sold out yale blue gutsy grape is sold out gutsy grape lush coral is sold out lush coral arctic white is sold out arctic white reigning red is sold out reigning red belladonna pink is sold out belladonna pink indigo is sold out indigo powder blue is sold out powder blue mist blue is sold out mist blue plushy peach is sold out plushy peach
text -- off white text -- off white

stretch-it square Large GEORGETTE Italian stitch hem

On sale from RM69.00

off white forest nude brown mauve taupe ivory plaintastic chestnut sweet peach dusty rose deep plum indigo smoke blue orange soda corn flower raisin plaintastic light teal cactus sophisticated black gold powder blue au natural baby doll white brass gold soft green baby blue lime green
text -- limited edition soft green text -- limited edition soft green

*limited edition* thumbprint square Medium TWILL SILK


limited edition soft green limited edition fresh blue limited edition tea rose limited edition blush limited edition simply taupe limited edition lily white limited edition hour blue limited edition plum limited edition posh brown limited edition dark mauve limited edition really teal is sold out limited edition really teal limited edition grey is sold out limited edition grey limited edition gold is sold out limited edition gold limited edition vanilla is sold out limited edition vanilla
text -- twirly azure blue text -- twirly azure blue

twirly desires square TWILL SILK Large


twirly azure blue twirly yellow twirly caramel twirly maroon twirly taupe twirly sea blue twirly sophisticated black twirly nude twirly dark purple twirly crimson twirly pink twirly grey twirly green twirly white
text -- happy white text -- happy white

happy pattern scarf SERIOUSLY SATIN SILK


happy white happy army green happy sophisticated black happy chocolate happy grey happy ivory happy maroon happy midnight happy navy happy nude
text -- knots dry rose text -- knots dry rose

tie the knot square v2 TWILL SILK


knots dry rose knots sage knots still grey knots gold knots sophisticated black knots charcoal knots cream knots lavender knots multi white knots navy knots smoke knots stone blue
text -- beauty mauve text -- beauty mauve

beauty that never fades square TWILL SILK Medium


beauty mauve beauty smoke beauty pink beauty still grey beauty caramel beauty cream beauty crimson red beauty dark teal
text -- sport to office snow white text -- sport to office snow white

sport to office instant brushed LUXE COTTON Waist-Length


sport to office snow white sport to office sophisticated black
text -- shimmering deep fuchsia text -- shimmering deep fuchsia

feels like a dream square TWILL SILK Medium


shimmering deep fuchsia shimmering tea rose shimmering sunflower shimmering crimson shimmering mute pink shimmering navy shimmering lilac pastel shimmering off white shimmering forest shimmering shadow shimmering ivory shimmering lavender shimmering ladylike pink shimmering gold shimmering etoupe shimmering baby blue shimmering pistachio shimmering sea breeze shimmering turkish green shimmering moss green shimmering black shimmering mustard gold shimmering pure white is sold out shimmering pure white shimmering midnight blue is sold out shimmering midnight blue shimmering desert taupe is sold out shimmering desert taupe shimmering reigning red is sold out shimmering reigning red shimmering light taupe is sold out shimmering light taupe shimmering fawn is sold out shimmering fawn shimmering blue is sold out shimmering blue shimmering golden spice is sold out shimmering golden spice shimmering pearl is sold out shimmering pearl
text -- instant orange soda text -- instant orange soda

knitted instant


instant orange soda instant vanilla instant azure blue instant grey instant white instant gold instant dark brown instant khaki instant black instant navy blue
text -- plaintastic delicate pink text -- plaintastic delicate pink

plaintastic mute satin square Large No-Silk Silk™ Italian Stitch hem

RM69.00 Regular price RM175.00

plaintastic garnet plaintastic dry rose plaintastic mauve plaintastic etoupe plaintastic gold plaintastic lavender plaintastic midnight blue plaintastic charming peach plaintastic real pink plaintastic smoke blue plaintastic stone blue plaintastic delicate pink plaintastic bone is sold out plaintastic bone plaintastic brown plaintastic modern grey plaintastic platinum grey plaintastic off white plaintastic cupid pink plaintastic sophisticated black plaintastic taupe
text -- weekend lilac text -- weekend lilac

weekend crush-it scarf LUXE COTTON


weekend lilac weekend dark chocolate weekend dreamy moss weekend off white weekend soft blush weekend velvet weekend barbie weekend denim weekend arctic white weekend garnet weekend heathered grey weekend teal weekend beige weekend sophisticated black weekend midnight navy
text -- floating pink text -- floating pink

floating arzu logo v2 square TWILL No-Silk Silk™


floating pink floating cherry floating nude brown floating yellow floating blissful blue floating sophisticated black is sold out floating sophisticated black floating white is sold out floating white
text -- arzu knot red text -- arzu knot red

arzu lover's knot square Large TWILL SILK


arzu knot red arzu knot royal blue arzu knot sophisticated black arzu knot gold arzu knot light mauve arzu knot olive arzu knot rose gold
text -- green vibes text -- green vibes

elevate your vibes square SILKOT Large


green vibes grey purple vibes pink vibes sophisticated black vibes midnight navy vibes
text -- arzu nude brown text -- arzu nude brown

every knot has a silver lining scarf CREPE SATIN SILK


arzu nude brown arzu sunset arzu knot purple arzu knot rose arzu knot crimson red arzu knot sophisticated black arzu knot green arzu knot turkish blue
text -- arzunomical purple text -- arzunomical purple

arzunomical square mute satin No-Silk Silk™ Large


arzunomical purple arzunomical vanilla arzunomical sophisticated black arzunomical grey arzunomical maroon arzunomical midnight arzunomical moss arzunomical pink arzunomical yellow
text -- blings sophisticated black text -- blings sophisticated black

arzu blings scarf CREPEDECHINE


blings sophisticated black is sold out blings sophisticated black blings fawn is sold out blings fawn blings white is sold out blings white blings beige